ESTCP has selected forty new start projects to begin in FY 2019. These projects responded to the FY 2019 ESTCP Environmental Technologies and Installation Energy and Water solicitations. Topics addressed by these projects include management and remediation of chemical contaminants;  improved energy efficiency and security; munitions response in underwater environments; improved management of natural resources,  management of waste at forward operating bases, and green manufacturing and maintenance of weapons systems and platforms.

The tables below list the FY 2019 ESTCP new start projects for Environmental Restoration, Installation Energy and Water, Munitions Response, Resource Conservation and Resiliency, and Weapons Systems and Platforms. As project overviews become available, links from the project numbers will be provided below. Information on these and other SERDP and ESTCP projects is also available under Focus Areas.  

Environmental Restoration  


A New, Non-Invasive Tool for Rapid Site Characterization and Post-Remedial Monitoring of Contaminated Aquatic Sediments

Kevin Black

Partrac GeoMarine, Inc.


Incorporating Matrix Diffusion in the New MODFLOW Flow and Transport Model for Unstructured Grids

Ronald Falta

Clemson University


In-Situ Treatment of PFAS Using D-FAS Technology

David Reynolds

Geosyntec Consultants


Remote Monitoring of Natural Source Zone Depletion Using Temperature Data to Support Long-Term Passive Management Strategies

Thomas McHugh

GSI Environmental, Inc.


Improved Longevity and Selectivity of PFAS Groundwater Treatment Using Sub-Micron Powdered Activated Carbon (SPAC) and Ceramic Membrane Filter System (CMF)

Joseph Quinnan

Arcadis U.S., Inc.


Demonstration of Mineral Traps to Passively Evaluate and Monitor In Situ Reactive Minerals for Chlorinated Solvent Treatment

Craig Divine

Arcadis U.S., Inc.


Validation of Streamlined Mobile Lab-Based Real Time PFAS Analytical Methods

Joseph Quinnan

Arcadis U.S., Inc.


Evaluating and Applying Site-Specific NAPL Dissolution Rates during Remediation

Lloyd Stewart

Praxis Environmental Technologies, Inc.


Validation of Sample Extraction and Analysis Techniques for Simultaneous Determination of Legacy and IM Constituents

Anthony Bednar

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center


Coupled CO2 Flux and Radiocarbon Technologies: Cross Validation and Decision Support for Contamination Remediation Management

Thomas Boyd

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


A Low-Energy Wastewater Treatment and Potable Reuse System Utilizing Waste Heat at Fixed Installations

Nicholas Josefik

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory


Installation Energy and Water  


Technology Transfer of Installation Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and Building Level CVR (MicroCVR) Technologies

Bruce Ensley

Dominion Energy Virginia


Comprehensive Information Transfer Approaches for Advanced Building Controls and Management Projects

David Vigliotta



Utility Energy Service Contracts - The Pathway to Demonstrate Energy Efficiency Technologies

Dennis Collins

Dominion Energy Virginia


Actively Managed Thermal Energy Storage

Michael Crisman

Viking Cold Solutions


Demonstration of Intellignet Circuit Breakers for Energy Management, Verification, and Load Control

Thomas Reddoch

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.


Cost-Effective Demonstration of Automated Commissioning and Tuning

Hayden Reeve

United Technologies Research Center


Low-Cost, Plug-and-Play Data Diodes for Protection and Monitoring of DoD Facility Equipment

Colin Dunn

Fend Incorporated


Optimizing Facility Operations by Applying Machine Learning to the Army Reserve Enterprise Building Control System

William Chvala

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Energy Security for Military Installations through Optimized Integration of Large-Scale Energy Storage into Microgrids

Arindam Maitra

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.


Comprehensive Microgrid Energy Storage Designs with  Guaranteed Optimality

Sanjeev Srivastava

Siemens Corporation Corporate Technology


Advanced Phasor-Based Control of Energy Storage Mircrogrids

David Altman

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems


Design, Modeling, and Control of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Defense Installation Microgrids

Tim Hansen

Southern Research


Demonstrating the Benefits of Long-Duration Low-Cost Flow Battery Storage in a Renewable Microgrid

Benjamin Lavoie

Ameresco, Inc.


Technology Transfer of Recently Completed ESTCP Project on Converting Multizone (MZ) Air Handlers from Constant Volume (MZ-CV) to Energy Efficient Variable Volume (MZ-VV) Systems

Eileen Westervelt

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory


Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) Demonstration at DoD Facilities

Brian Clark

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

Munitions Response  


UltraTEM Marine Towed System for Detection and Characterization of Buried Ordnance

Stephen Billings

Black Tusk Geophysics, Inc.


Demonstrating Calibrated Phase-Measuring Sidescan Sonar for Rapid Wide-Area and Detailed Mapping of UXO Shallower than 5 m

Kenneth Foote

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Demonstration of UAV Magnetometer System for Wide Area UXO Site Assessment

Gregory Schultz

White River Technologies


Robotically Emplaced and Recovered Underwater Test Bed

Michael Farinella

C-2 Innovations, Inc.

Resource Conservation and Resiliency  


Weather Effects on the Lifecycle of DoD Equipment Replacement (WELDER): A Plug-In for the BUILDER Sustainment Management System

Peter Larsen

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Hydrologic Risk Forecaster: Demonstration and Validation of Forecasting Model for Flooding and Infrastructure Risk on Military Lands

Daniel Gambill

Engineering Research and Development Center - Construction Engineering Research Laboratory


Region-Wide Integration of UAS Technology into DoD Natural Resource Management through Demonstration, Coordination, Training, and Outfitting

Jean Pan

NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

Weapons Systems and Platforms  


Validation of Fluorine-Free AFFF against Military Specification Performance Criteria

Satya Chauhan

Battelle Memorial Institute


Capabilities Assessment of Commercially Available Fluorine-Free Foams

Gerard Back

Jensen Hughes, Inc.


Screening tests for Fluorine-Free Fighting Material

Brian Lattimer

Jensen Hughes, Inc.


A Fluoring-Free, 100% Bio-based Fire-Fighting Material

Hans Ewoldsen

Nu Element, Inc.


Multipurpose 3D Waterjet for Machining and Stripping Coatings on Weapon Systems

Frank Campo

U.S. Army ARDEC - Benet Laboratories


Cold Spray Coatings for Cr and Ni Plating Replacement

Victor Champagne

U.S. Army Weapons and Materials Research Directorate


Total Resource Utilization Habitat

Tami Relph

NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center