Congratulations to ESTCP investigators Hua Cai, Alessia Eramo, Patrick Evans, Rodney Fricke, and Rachel Brennan who were awarded the prestigious McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration, or Sustainable Use Award by the Water Environment Federation (WEF). This award recognizes significant contributions to groundwater science or engineering research published in a WEF or WEF Member Association periodical. The team was recognized at the WEF 84th annual technical exhibition and conference in Los Angeles, California, for a thesis paper written by Hua Cai of The Pennsylvania State University that detailed work performed under ESTCP project In Situ Bioremediation of Perchlorate in Vadose Zone Soil Using Gaseous Electron Donors (ER-200511). In this project, CDM used its patented gaseous electron donor injection technology to demonstrate that indigenous bacteria in soil will consume perchlorate and nitrate in the presence of injected hydrogen gas. Addressing source contamination in soil leaching to groundwater is key to effectively remediating perchlorate in the environment.