ESTCP 2019 Project of the Year Award for Munitions Response

ESTCP invests in a variety of initiatives aimed at improving data quality and providing decision support tools to enhance the munitions response process. Current approaches in geophysical management and data analysis is to use networked, PC-based software solutions, which create issues with security, collaboration, and communication.

This year’s ESTCP Project of the Year for Munitions Response was headed by Dr. Dean Keiswetter from Acorn Science and Innovation, Inc., and his project team. Dr. Keiswetter’s goal was to develop and demonstrate an effective, efficient, and secure cloud computing technology for classifying buried metal, as unexploded ordnance (UXO) or not, based on the analysis of multi-coil electromagnetic induction (EMI) data. The project team was able to bring the capabilities of the ESTCP-supported UX-Analyze package to a cloud computing environment.

By switching to a cloud-based data management system, there is improved efficiencies, greater business agility, increased data availability, increased collaboration, increased processing speed, and cost savings. The analysis technology located in the cloud can be used on all Department of Defense sites that require underwater (or terrestrial) geophysical project work for UXO detection and classification. Performing EMI data analysis in the cloud has improved security of data and project information as well increasing productivity and transparency. These advantages add up to significant efficiency improvements, and thus cost savings to the government.

For this important work, Dr. Dean Keiswetter and his project team received the 2019 ESTCP Project of the Year Award for Munitions Response.

Project Team:

  • Dean Keiswetter – Acorn Science and Innovation, Inc.
  • Tom Furuya – Acorn Science and Innovation, Inc.
  • Hyrum Laney – Acorn Science and Innovation, Inc.
  • Don Trynor – Seequent  

Photo by Ben Zweig