Weapons Systems and Platforms Principal Investigator Mr. Kyu Cho and his team received the award in Environmental Excellence in Weapon System Acquisition, Small Program award from the Honorable Alex Beehler, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army Installations, Energy and Environment on July 18th, 2019. Mr. Cho is part of the Tagnite™ Technical Working Group within the U.S. Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and was funded by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) to demonstrate the Tagnite™ process (Project Web Page).

The project’s primary objective was to phase out legacy hexavalent chromium coating technologies and replace them with the Immersion and Brush Tagnite™ technology through demonstration and capability validation at Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD).

The Tagnite™ Technical Working Group successfully developed and demonstrated a manufacturing anodizing capability using both Tagnite™ anodizing immersion and brush application. This method replaces older surface treatment methods that required the use of hexavalent chromium, a human carcinogen. The method allows the immersion and brush application of Tagnite™ to legacy magnesium components and provides a more durable and corrosion resistant surface compared to traditional finishes. The team is projected to save the Department of Defense $1.2 million per year through fiscal year 2024.  

Team members include:

Kyu Cho, Deborah Cummins, Kimberly Watts, Brooke Conway, Noah Lieb, Scott Howison, Mark Feathers, Meghan Clardy, Bill Gorman, Elizabeth Berman, Jonathan Williams, Michael Kane, Julia Russell, Sandra Gray, Tony Cereceres, Bert Hernandez, Evelyn Mefford, Matthew Trevino, Ricky McNalley, Mary Beth Goode, Robin Nissan and Jeremy Smith – Retired.