On March 30, 2011, the White House released its Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future, which refers to ESTCP’s Installation Energy Test Bed initiative and its role in testing, evaluating, and scaling up emerging energy technologies for broad-scale implementation across the Department of Defense (DoD). Leading by example within the federal government is a key tenet of this blueprint.

Scaling up New Technologies to Support Energy Security: The Department of Defense's Installation Energy Test Bed initiative demonstrates emerging energy technologies in real-world situations to reduce risk, facilitate commercialization, cut DOD's long-term energy costs, and improve energy security. Test Bed programs include projects such as microgrids and advanced energy management and control systems.

–White House Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future

  DoD alone consumes more than three quarters of the energy used by the federal government. In many areas of the nation, DoD is the largest local consumer of power. Its size coupled with its enormous buying power and technical capabilities uniquely position DoD to transform the energy marketplace, improve national security, and transition innovative energy technologies into real-world solutions.

ESTCP is playing a key role in scaling up new technologies to support DoD’s energy security. In partnership with the Department of Energy, DoD's Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP), and the energy community across the military Services, ESTCP is now supporting more than 45 demonstrations at installations across the nation to advance energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, energy management and control, and microgrids. Through its targeted FY 2012 Installation Energy solicitation, ESTCP will be initiating many additional demonstrations of emerging energy technologies on military installations to reduce risk, facilitate commercialization, and significantly cut DoD’s long-term energy costs. These efforts will accelerate innovative energy technology implementation across DoD and the nation.

For more information on ESTCP’s Installation Energy Test Bed Initiative and its associated demonstration projects, visit Featured Initiatives > Installation Energy.  

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