Additive manufacturing (AM) has become accepted as a proven manufacturing process for many segments of industry, as well as the Department of Defense. AM Applications and materials run far and wide, and include energetics, metals, polymers, and ceramics among others. The DoD sees AM as a means of improving warfighter readiness, as well as a way to reduce massive logistics tails in the repair and replacement of essential parts and components. This technical session covered several aspects of additive manufacturing looking at the vast potential of this technology. 

Session Chair: Mr. Marc Pepi, DEVCOM-ARL

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Marc Pepi, DEVCOM-ARL

Metals Additive Manufacturing R&D for Army Modernization and Readiness

Dr. Brandon McWilliams, DEVCOM-ARL

Energetic Material AM at DEVCOM-ARL

Dr. Ian McAninch, DEVCOM-ARL

AM for Advanced Ceramics: Beyond Near-Net-Shape Manufacturing


Environmental Advantages of an Additively Manufactured Micro-Turbine Engine

Mr. Mike Froning, AFLCMC

Development of an Agile, Novel Expeditionary Battlefield Manufacturing Plant Using Recycled and Reclaimed Thermoplastic Materials – AM of Recycled Polymers (rPET)

Dr. Prabhat Krishnaswamy, EMC2

Solid-State Additive Repair of Airfield Matting

Dr. Paul Allison, University of Alabama