Both wildfire and prescribed fire research comprise the principle focus of the Military Land Conditions - Readiness Portfolio. DoD is one of the largest landholders in the US, involving areas where fire plays a key role in ecosystem health while also strongly influencing training land availability. Research focused on maintaining DoD lands for use in maintaining military readiness, as well as safeguarding the health and safety of the force, is the emphasis of this technical session. SERDP & ESTCP research seeks to improve DoD fire management tools and practices, predict and manage smoke emissions and dispersion, and decrease risks from wildfires. 

Session Chair: Mr. James Furman, USDA Forest Service

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Max Tuttman, ARPA-E

Innovations in Fire Science: DoD Leadership role in Science-based Fire Management

Mr. Kevin Hiers, Tall Timbers

Burning Questions Addressed: A Case for Co-Production

Mr. James Furman, USDA Forest Service

3D Fuels Library as Related to Inter-Project Collaboration and Shared Data

Dr. Susan Prichard, University of Washington

Data Management Challenges & Lessons Learned

Mr. Jason Cole, USDA Forest Service

Integrated Geospatial Database Development Requirements in Support of Model Assessments

Dr. Ruddy Mell, USDA Forest Service

Benefits of Coordinated Data Management and Archival for Advancing Fire Science

Dr. Andy Hudak, USDA Forest Service