The slides for each presentation at the ASETSDefense 2020 sessions are available below. The 2020 ASETSDefense Workshop was held virtually August 4–6 and covered all aspects of alternative coatings and surface treatments, with emphasis on performance, service data, approvals and implementation of clean coatings.

Session 1: Aerospace and Defense Needs, Approaches, and Environmental Issues

Where Are We in Adopting Alternatives in Europe and North America?

Nihad Ben Salah, NBS-Materials & Processes Consulting

ACGIH Approach to Cr and Other Metals

Michael Ellenbecker, ACGIH

5-Year Depot Cd and Cr6+ Replacement

Scot Bryant, Noblis


Session 2. DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office

Corrosion Prevention and Readiness in DoD

Robert Herron, Corrosion, Policy & Oversight

CCPE Briefing Army

Eric Linderman, Army ASA(ALT)

5-Year Depot Cd and Cr6+ Replacement

Walter Juzukonis, U.S. Air Force

CCPE Briefing Navy

Edward Lemieux, DON, DASN(RDT&E)

Panel Session (No Slides)

Walter Juzukonis, U.S. Air Force

Leslie Miller, LMI

Robert Herron, Corrosion, Policy & Oversight

Eric Linderman, Army ASA(ALT)

Edward Lemieux, DON, DASN(RDT&E)


Session 3. Accelerated Corrosion Testing and Tracking

Test Method Development for Aerospace Coatings and Corrosion

Fritz Friedersdorf, Luna Innovations

Environmental Corrosion Monitoring Methods

Christine Sanders, U.S. NRL

Scientific Analysis of the Efficacy of Freshwater Rinse on Aircraft as the Basis for Improved Maintenance

Andy Dutch

Likelihood-Based Modeling to Predict Atmospheric Corrosion Rates to Enable CBM Approaches

Erica Macha

Environmental Severity Index Modeling

David Rusk, NAWCAD

Corrosion Sensors for Condition-based Maintenance: A Critical Review and Potential Way Ahead

Ludmila 't Hoen-Velterop


Session 4: Additive Manufacturing and Repair

Cold Spray for Chrome and Nickel Replacement

Matt Siopis, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Machining Chip Recycling Through Friction Stir AM

Paul Allison, University of Alabama

Environmental Advantages of the Use of AM in Addition to Subtractive Manufacturing

Timothy Eden, Applied Research Laboratory - The Pennsylvania State University

The Use of Wire based Deposition for Reduced Energy Usage in Manufacturing Mike Klecka, Raytheon Technologies Research Center
Cold Spray Use in Component Repair for Military Aircraft Michael Nicholas, Boeing
Aluminum Powders and the Effects of Hydroxides on AM Victor Champagne, U.S. Army Research Laboratory


Session 5: Paint and Depaint Systems

Non-Isocyanate Topcoats

Michael Brindza, NAWCAD

Laser De-Paint Significance of HAZ

Randall Straw, AFLCMC/EZP - USAF

Handheld LASER Depaint and Surface Preparations for Aerospace Assets

Casey Jones, Adapt Laser

Plasma Electrolytic Depaint Solomon Berman, IBC Materials & Technologies, LLC
Pulse Automated Waterjet Stripping System (PAWSS) for Organic and Inorganic Coating Removal

Fredrick Laguines

Jay Randolph

Tod Hickman

Wiley Bloom


Session 6: Depot Perspectives and Mission Readiness - Naval Aircraft

Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) Corrosion Management Board (CMB)

Julia Russell, NAWC-AD

Advancements of Inorganic Coating Technologies at NAVAIR Depots for Improved Readiness

Ruben Prado, NAVAIR

Advanced Material and Process Technologies to Increase Aircraft and Component Sustainability and Efficiency

Chris Gladson, NAVAIR

Aerospace Organic Coating Improvements Micaela Rionda, NAVAIR
Make Corrosion Go Away with NC Primer and Cold Spray!

Luc Doan, NAVAIR


Session 7: Depot Perspectives and Mission Readiness - Helicopters, Vehicles

U.S. Army Safer Alternatives for Readiness (SAFR) Program: Updates on Surface Finishing and Coating Technologies

Patrick Taylor and Noah Lieb, Jensen Hughes

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Heavy Metal (Cr6+) Elimination Strategy

Mark Feathers, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Demonstration of Tagnite Anodizing at Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD)

Stephen Howison, U.S. Army CCAD

Demonstration and Transition of Chrome-free Pretreatment at Anniston Army Depot

Tom Considine, U.S .Army Research Laboratory

Marion Sanders

Sustainable Cleaners, Epoxy Primers and Zinc-rich Primers

Daniel Pope, U.S. Army Research Laboratory


Session 8: Depot Perspectives and Mission Readiness - Alternate Approaches

Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office (AFCPCO) Overview

Lindsay Davis, AFCPCO

Demonstration of Commercial Appliques on Aircraft Parts and Ground Support Equipment

Scott Ruggiero, AFLCMC/EZPT-CPCO

On-aircraft Non-chrome Coating Evaluation for the HH-60W Jolly Green II

Fritz Friedersdorf, Luna Innovations

Advanced Protocols Development for Environmental Degradation Testing

Nick Wilson, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Reducing Paint and Solvent Usage with Robotic Paint Systems

Shane Groves, WR-ALC CMXG

Hazardous Material Reduction Governance Board (HMR GB), An AFMC ESOH Council Initiative Caroline LeClair, AFSC/ENRB OL-Hill
USAF Project Corrosion Monitoring on A/C (WP-201710) Monali Patel, AFLCMC/EZPT-CPCO


Session 9: OEM Technology Development

Novel Enabling Technologies to Insert Laser Ablation into Repair and Production Facilities

Kady Gregersen, Boeing

Non-Chromate Coating Systems for DoD Aerospace Applications

Weilong Zhang, Raytheon Technologies Research Center

Assessment of Microwave Loss Caused by Non-Hexavalent Chromium-Based Conversion Coatings

Daniel Urban

Adhesive Bond Primer

Kathleen Rowland, Lockheed Martin

Technology Development and REACH Compliance for F-35

Scott Fetter

Path to Hexavalent Chromium Elimination Michelle McElvaine, Boeing


Session 10: Corrosion Control Technologies - ZnNi

F-16 Corrosion Preventive Materials – Topics from Falcon 2020 F-16 CTIM

Jerry Brown, Lockheed Martin

Overview of Cadmium Substitution for Aero Mil Connector Applications

Gerald Tredan, CadSTAR

Evaluation of Trivalent Chromium Passivation on Electroplated Gamma-ZnNi as a Replacement for Cd on Electrical Connectors

Matt O'Keefe, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Bill Fahrenholtz, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Tarek Nahlawi, Dipsol Of America

James Claypool, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Steve Gaydos, Boeing

Felix Almodovar, Dipsol Of America

Kevin Foster, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dave Zika, Boeing

Cd Alternatives for Connectors

Tod Hickman, ES3

ZnNi Plating Performance on Complex Parts - Corrosion Risk Mapping

Alan Rose, Corrdesa

Non-drip ZnNi Brush Plating (ESTCP Project)

Randall Straw

Alternatives to Cadmium on EWIS Joe Marchica, NAWCAD