SERDP and ESTCP respond directly to defense environmental requirements generated by the Services and sanctioned by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations and Environment. Both programs use a competitive process to maintain high technical quality and solicit on focused topics to ensure relevance to DoD’s needs. Together the two programs sponsor a spectrum of investments from high risk proof-of-concept research to the demonstration of field-ready technologies.

Defense environmental requirements are far ranging. Some address DoD-unique liabilities related to munitions and weapons platforms. Others, such as chlorinated solvents or endangered species, represent environmental problems for which DoD holds a substantial liability or commitment, but also affect entities outside DoD. SERDP and ESTCP research addresses a broad spectrum of these requirements, with special emphasis on needs that cut across the services. We balance long-term investments in hard problems with the agility to tackle new requirements as they arise.

Our investment strategy is shaped by translating broad requirements to specific research needs. We support basic and applied research that is both closely tied to end-user requirements and makes distinguished contributions to environmental science and technology. A user-inspired research strategy allows for ready transition – new solutions make an immediate impact in real-world applications.