SERDP relies on the technical skills offered by the participating Services and Agencies to assist in the technical aspects of program development, project monitoring, and technology transfer.

For each of the five technology program areas, a SERDP Technical Committee (STC) assists in identifying solicitation topics, reviews technical proposals, and formulates and recommends the annual program plan. Each committee also conducts technical reviews of the ongoing projects, and facilitates technology transfer according to the needs of their users in the field.

STC members are selected by the Services and Agencies represented on the SERDP Council. They bring a wealth of understanding of the needs of their organizations and knowledge of related research efforts. This knowledge helps SERDP avoid duplication of effort and promotes joint and cooperative funding of projects.

Many members of the STC are also members of the ESTCP Technical Committees (ETC). This relationship fosters communication between the Programs and promotes technology transfer.