Poster Presentation and Title Presenter

PFAS: Advanced Features for AI/ML-guided Remediation Development

Harley McAlexander

Developing PIGE into a Rapid Field-Screening Test for PFAS

Graham Peaslee

Development and Validation of Analytical Methods for Comprehensive Profiling of PFAS in Firefighting Foam Impacted Environmental Matrices

Jinxia Liu

Expanding Drinking Water Methods to Zwitterionic PFAS: Validation and Field Application

Gabriel Munoz

Validation of Streamlined Mobile Lab-Based Real Time PFAS Analytical Methods

Joseph Quinnan

3D-Printed Cone Spray Ionization for the Rapid, Low-Cost, and In-Situ Analysis of PFAS in Soils and Sediments

Hilary Brown

Rapid Site Profiling of Organofluorine: Quantification of PFASs by Combustion Gas Analysis

David Hanigan

Rapid Defluorination of PFAS using High Photon Flux UV/Sulfite System

Ibrahim Abusallout

Creation of an AFFF Reference Material

Jessica Reiner

Bench-Scale Assessment of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Complex Resistivity (CR) Screening Technologies for Rapid Assessment of PFAS in Soils and Sediments

Lee Slater

Identifying Adsorbed and Gas Phase PFAS Thermal Decomposition Products Using In Situ DRIFTS To Validate Density Functional Theory Calculations

Robert Balow