SERDP and ESTCP have funded research and demonstrations for treatment of contaminated groundwater for over 20 years. In more recent years, these demonstrated technologies have been transitioned for use throughout the DoD. This session will highlight recent field demonstrations of contaminated groundwater characterization and treatment. Specifically, this session will provide a DoD perspective of groundwater treatment and present demonstration projects that cover issues dealing with remedial amendment delivery, treatment of complex media including fractured rock matrices, and characterization of degradation pathways for evaluation of natural attenuation.

Session Chair: Dr. Charles Schaefer, CDM Smith

Introduction by Session Chair

Dr. Charles Schaefer, CDM Smith

Groundwater Contamination: The Navy's Perspective 

Dr. Ramons Iery, Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (NAVFAC EXWC)

Managing 1,4-Dixoane Contamination in Groundwater: The Role of Natural Attenuation

Dr. David Adamson, GSI Environmental, Inc.

Characterization of Mass Transfer Properties Controlling Back Diffusion from Electrical Measurements During Tracer

Dr. Lee Slater, Rutgers University

Electrokinetic Enhanced Amendment Delivery - Current Successes and Future Research Directions

Dr. Silvia Mancini, Geosyntec Consultants

Field Demonstration of the Horizontal Reactive media Treatment Well (HRX Well(r)) for Effective Long-Term Mass Discharge Reduction

Dr. Craig Divine, ARCADIS

Aerobic Cometabolic Treatment of Contaminant Mixtures: Are Multiple Primary Substrates Better than Just One?

Dr. Michael Hyman, North Carolina State University