SERDP and ESTCP researchers are developing new systems to find unexploded and discarded munitions underwater that pose a potential hazard due to their proximity to shore. Presenters in this session will describe several sensor modalities that can detect and discriminate underwater munitions both proud of the seafloor and buried in the sediment. Both experimental measurements using acoustic and electromagnetic sensors and sophisticated analyses of the results will be presented.

Session Chair: Dr. Shawn Johnson, Penn State, ARL,

Charting a Course for Underwater UXO Detection, with Lessons Learned at Vieques

Mr. Dan Waddill, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

Sediment Volume Search Sonar

Dr. Dan Brown, Pennsylvania State University

AUV-Based Structural Acoustic SONARS for Underwater  Buried UXO Detection and Classification: ESTCP Demonstration Program Progress

Dr. Joseph Bucaro, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

Signal Processing and Simulations for the Multi-Sensor Towbody

Dr. Steven Kargl, University of Washington

Underwater UXO: EMI Detection and Classification

Dr. Thomas Bell, Nova Research

Underwater Magnetics: Current and Emerging Technologies for UXO

Dr. Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies