With DoD incorporating more and more networked (“smart”) devices to improve building operational efficiency and capability, vulnerability to cyber-attacks has also increased, making it one of the fastest growing threats to DoD IT and control systems. This session presented results and highlights from ongoing demonstrations of technologies that help secure facility-related control systems. The projects presented in this session offer solutions ranging from hardware devices to software tools to securely transmit data, automate firmware analysis, and enable continuous monitoring of control systems and connected device configurations.

Session Chair: Mr. Bradley Whipple, DoD OSD

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Bradley Whipple, DoD OSD

More Situational Awareness for Industrial Control Systems (MOSAICS)

Mr. Ross Roley, INDOPACOM and Dr. Jeth Fogg, USNORTHCOM

Securing Military Installation Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks: The Baseline Automated Security Enumeration and Configuration Tool

Mr. Billy Rios, QED Secure Solutions

Control System Agnostic Secure Enclave (CASE)

Mr. Joseph Bush, USACE-ERDC-CERL 

Physical Cybersecurity: Low-Cost Data Diodes for DoD Facility Equipment Monitoring

Mr. Colin Dunn, Fend Incorporated

Managed Interface to Networked Engineering Resources (MINER)

Mr. Joseph Cooley, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 

Cyber Secure Integration of DER to the Risk Management Framework

Ms. Emma Stewart, LLNL