A Demonstration Plan is required of all projects. The Demonstration Plan states what the demonstration will attempt to prove, the methodology which will be followed, the criteria for success, and the measurements that will be made to determine success. It ensures that pertinent and reliable data are collected during the demonstration to support future decisions on implementing the technology.

The plan is reviewed and must be approved by ESTCP prior to initiation of the demonstration. Draft and Final Demonstration Plans are required.  Investigators should submit a draft plan at least two months prior to a planned demonstration to allow for review, comment, and revisions to be completed before work begins.  Projects with multiple demonstrations may require addenda to the original demonstration plan or separate plans for each demonstration.

Guidance documents specific to each Program Area provide the format, content, and submittal requirements. The Word version of the guidance document may be downloaded and used as a template.

    • Pre-Demonstration Plan Guidance Document – This is required for some ESTCP-funded Installation Energy and Water projects. (WordPDF)
    • Installation, Service, and Building data can be referenced in the Installation Dashboard. (PNG, PDF)
    • Technology Transfer Plan Guidance Document for Non-Federal PIs - This is required for all ESTCP-funded Installation Energy and Water technology demonstration projects. (Word, PDF)

    • Site Selection Memorandum Guidance Document – This is required for some ESTCP-funded Environmental Restoration projects. (Word, PDF)
    • Requirements for Projects Addressing PFAS Issues - All investigators addressing PFAS related issues should review this document for additional requirements. (PDF)
  • Munitions Response Projects (Word, PDF)

    • Site Selection Memorandum/Table 1 Performance Objectives Guidance – This is required for some ESTCP-funded Resource Conservation and Resiliency projects. (Word, PDF)
  • Weapons Systems and Platforms Projects (Word, PDF)