Weapons Systems and Platforms (WP) Program Area

The objective of this limited-scope Statement of Need (SON) was to develop a PFAS-free surfactant formulation for use in Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) fire-suppression operations. Proposed research was intended to identify and test PFAS-free surfactants for use in AFFF that could potentially meet the performance requirements defined in MIL-F-24385F. Proposers were asked to consider including testing to validate persistence and aquatic toxicity of alternative materials.

The projects listed below were selected to address the objectives of this SON. Additional information on individual projects can be found by clicking the project title.

New PFAS-free surfactants will enable sustained manufacture and use of AFFF by meeting environmental requirements while maintaining equivalent performance to ensure safety of Department of Defense (DoD) personnel at airfields and onboard ships.