Distributed Energy Resources (DER) play a crucial role in the design of resilient installations, to prepare for and recover from energy disruptions that could impact mission assurance. This session will explore the policy, outlook and applications of DER, solutions and challenges in microgrid implementations, results from large scale energy storage modeling projects and microgrid demonstrations.

Session Chair: Max Tuttman, Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Max Tuttman, ARPA-E

Distributed Energy Resources and Grid Modernization

Ms. Katherine Hamilton, 38 North Solutions

Techno-Economic Performance of Microgrid with Large-Scale Battery

Mr. Craig Schultz, ICF

Findings from Energy Resilience Exercises

Dr. Nick Judson, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Panelist: Mr. Scott Litzelman, ARPA-E

Panelist: Mr. Timothy Hade, Scale Microgrid Solutions

Panelist: Ms. Katherine Hamilton, 38 North Solutions

Panelist: Mr. Michael McGhee, U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives