Poster Title and Presentation Presenter

A Framework for Assessing Bioaccumulation and Exposure Risks of PFAS in Threatened and Endangered Species on AFFF-Impacted Sites

Frank Gobas

Guidance for Assessing the Ecological Risks of PFASs to Threatened and Endangered Species at Aqueous Film Forming Foam-Impacted Sites

Jason Conder

PFAS Uptake in Freshwater Macroinvertebrates and Optimizing Analytical Analysis Methods

Asa Lewis

Uptake and Bioaccumulation/Biomagnification of Subsurface-Derived PFASs by Lotic, Warm Water Food Webs

Marie Kurz

Determination of Biomagnification Potentials for PFAS Substances in Terrestrial Food-webs: Method Development for Chemical Extraction and Analyses Using Plant and Animal Tissues

Roman Kuperman

Physiological, Ecological and Environmental Determinants of PFAS Accumulation in Fish: Towards an Improved Bioaccumulation Model

Christopher Salice

Supplemental to Industry-Sponsored Multi-Generational PFOS Exposure

Kurt Gust

Development of Toxicity Reference Values (TRVs) for Birds Exposed to PFOS, PFOA and Associated Mixtures of Fluorinated Compounds

Matt Simcik

Development of Toxicity Data to Support Toxicity Reference Values for Perfluorinated Compounds

Michael Quinn

Per-/Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Mixture Toxicity in Amphibians

Maria Sepulveda

Advancing the Understanding of the Ecotoxicity and Ecological Risk of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances to Multiple Taxa

Christopher Salice

Developing a Predictive Understanding of PFAS Bioaccumulation with Environmental Complexity: Application to the Model Benthic Invertebrate Hyalella azteca and the Common Fish Model Pimephales promelas

Matt Simcik

Exploring the Impacts on Reproductive Activity from Exposure from PFOS on Female Brown Anoles (Anolis sagrei)

Daniel Furst