Technology Description

Advanced EMI sensors such as the MetalMapper and TEMTADS systems will be demonstrated. MetalMapper is a time-domain electromagnetic (TEM) system, consisting of three orthogonal transmitter coils and seven triaxial receiver cubes, each measuring all three components of the target's magnetic field response. TEMTADS is based on the EMI sensor previously developed under ESTCP project MR-200601. Each individual sensor consists of a 35-cm outer transmit coil and a 25-cm inner receiver coil. The TEMTADS array is a vehicle-towed, 5x5 array of sensors with multiple cm-level GPS receivers for guidance and positioning. Data from these sensors will be analyzed using the UX-Analyze modules of Oasis montaj. UX-Analyze includes procedures for isolating and culling target signatures from reconnaissance EMI data or using cued data collected by advanced sensors to assign class labels using library matching procedures or statistical classifiers.

Implementation Issues

This project will familiarize geophysicists from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) with the advanced electromagnetic induction (EMI) sensors and associated analysis methods that are integral to applying classification to munitions response. For each of the live site demonstrations, a geophysicist from the USACE Huntsville Center and the District office with responsibility for the site will participate in data collection, QC of those data, and analysis of the results. Each Corps geophysicist will submit their own ranked anomaly list for scoring alongside those of the system developers and production geophysicists participating in the demonstration. At the end of the program, a core group of USACE personnel will be trained to facilitate implementation of classification techniques on FUDS sites.