SERDP and ESTCP have invested extraordinary resources over the past several years to provide an improved understanding of the fate of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and to develop approaches to mitigate the risk from these compounds in groundwater, including the following:

  • An improved understanding or PFAS fate and transport;
  • Development of in situ adsorptive technologies to impede PFAS migration;
  • Development and validation of technologies for in situ removal or destruction of PFAS in groundwater; and
  • Providing a potential paradigm for monitored natural attenuation.

However, it is difficult for the remediation community, and Department of Defense (DoD) remedial project managers (RPMs) in particular, to condense relevant findings from the diverse array of individual SERDP and ESTCP projects and apply that information to managing site-specific PFAS issues. This is particularly important because (1) the pace of research and technology development is rapid and (2) DoD’s need for applying passive and/or active approaches to manage PFAS-impacted groundwater is immediate. The primary focus of this project is the development and distribution of practical information on the in situ management of PFAS in groundwater to RPMs, consultants, and regulators.

Technology Description

This technology transfer project will utilize multiple avenues to provide current information on in situ PFAS management to DoD RPMs, regulators, and consultants. The goal for this project is to capture and transfer the current state of knowledge regarding in situ PFAS treatment to the remediation community. The project team will utilize a combination of (1) online training seminars and in person conference presentations; (2) targeted open-access review articles; and (3) audio and video enhanced ENVIRO Wiki offerings to provide current information from ongoing and past SERDP and ESTCP PFAS projects to the remediation community. The project team will synthesize the SERDP and ESTCP investment in PFAS knowledge and deliver this knowledge to RPMs, consultants, and regulators that are addressing this issue on a day-to-day basis.


This project will provide DoD RPMs as well as consultants and regulators, with a practical background on the management of PFAS in groundwater at DoD sites. Ideally, the project team will leverage and condense information from relevant SERDP and ESTCP research efforts into formats that are both understandable and useful for remedy implementation. All content will be free and publicly available, which will help facilitate their use by DoD and various stakeholders. The project team also feels that the integrated technology transfer materials that will be generated by this project will help to attract additional researchers and practitioners who may be interested in contributing to future SERDP and ESTCP PFAS initiatives. (Anticipated Project Completion – 2024)