This project will evaluate a converged, IT-friendly energy management control system (EMCS) for use at Department of Defense (DoD) food courts. The system securely gathers and widely distributes detailed operational and energy use information for purposes of identifying and prioritizing energy conservation measures (ECMs); measuring and verifying installed ECMs; and providing ongoing detailed performance analysis using Oracle or other robust business systems for load shedding, fault diagnostics, and reduction opportunities. Autonomous system operation will increase security, reliability, and resilience. The demonstration will be conducted at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Technology Description

The converged, IT-friendly EMCS immediately normalizes incoming data from each sensor or data source into an IT-friendly, secured multi-protocol eXchange (MPX) format for wide availability and analysis. It interfaces to almost all control systems and equipment manufacturers using both standard protocols and numerous easily generated custom protocols. The system provides monitoring, control, and alarms of all connected systems as needed for HVAC, lighting, and other systems as permitted by code and the installation. It self generates graphics and alarms, thereby reducing data traffic and allowing complete operation within the building if outside communications are compromised. An interactive display encourages building occupant energy engagement.


Use of this system in the fast-food industry has led to a reduction of fast-food court energy by 15-20% from the measured baseline. Engagement of customers and associates is increased by providing real-time energy monitoring, real-time energy comparison, energy tips, and information on upgrades implemented in public areas. This project will develop an energy reduction implementation plan for the remaining 113 Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES)-operated DoD food courts in the continental United States, adjusted for climate zone and fast food franchise. It will also assess implementation for other DoD applications, including exchanges, convenience stores, and other food applications. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2014)