Retrofitting Existing Solar with Emerging Technologies (RESET) focuses on developing a repeatable project structure for retrofitting existing Department of Defense (DoD) renewable energy assets with resilience technologies. RESET will assess the cybersecurity, legal, engineering, and financial feasibility of retrofitting existing solar photovoltaic (PV) generation at a military installation with resilience capabilities. RESET will identify lessons learned applicable across the DoD enterprise.

Technology Description

RESET will demonstrate an approach for analyzing energy resilience retrofit opportunities. The RESET project will provide targeted technical assistance to a military installation to advance an investment-grade energy resilience project proposal. The technical assistance proposed for RESET is intentionally structured as a foundation for energy resilience project implementation. The project will focus analysis and solution development on Edwards AFB use-case, with the objective to generalize the findings from this feasibility study.


  • Advancing an energy resilience retrofit. RESET will directly support energy resilience project development at a military installation.
  • Exploiting existing solar assets for energy resilience. RESET will expand on existing models for resilience project deployment, providing project execution offices with a process for retrofitting existing PV projects.
  • Strengthening energy resilience finance models. DoD’s most significant challenge to retrofitting existing projects is creating project concepts that private industry will be willing to finance. RESET will provide financial modeling and analysis that will help energy program offices identify other existing assets that have the potential to be retrofitted with energy resilience technologies through private sector financing.
  • Informing replicable project acquisition pathways. RESET will create important lessons learned, which DoD energy resilience professionals can integrate into their project scoping and execution strategies for existing energy projects that employ similar contracting pathways.
  • Enhancing DoD understanding of cybersecurity approaches. There is ongoing uncertainty around how DoD projects can navigate the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process. RESET will provide targeted cybersecurity technical assistance to a military installation and capture lessons learned regarding the RMF process. The resulting process will help energy project proponents across the Military Services address cybersecurity concerns.