This project will perform treatability investigations using the MetalMapper electromagnetic induction (EMI) sensor classification approach as part of three Remedial Investigations (RIs) and Feasibility Studies (FSs). The MetalMapper sensor and UX-Analyze classification software will be used to collect and process data for anomalies in MEC contaminated areas. Existing funding of intrusive investigations in RI projects will be leveraged to provide ground truth to validate that the MetalMapper and UX-Analyze methods successfully classified the MEC items. The classification method will be included in the FS as remedial alternatives. Including these classification methods in the RI/FS process will demonstrate to the regulators and stakeholders that the methods are effective for the specific site and types of MEC. Using these methods on a specific site and within the standard Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process is expected to facilitate acceptance by regulatory agencies.

Technology Description

The MetalMapper is an advanced Time Domain EM (TEM) system that was developed under SERDP and ESTCP research projects. The UX-Analyze add-on to Geosoft's Oasis Montaj data processing environment includes a module for processing MetalMapper data. UX-Analyze performs an inversion of MetalMapper data to extract principal axis polarizability decay curves and matches them to a library of known items. The MetalMapper sensor and UX-Analyze software package have been successfully demonstrated at numerous test sites where they have proved their ability to accurately classify geophysical anomalies.