Non-chromated primers need additional maturation and validation to be more thoroughly and rapidly implemented on Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems. The objectives of this project are to provide an overarching assessment of the current state of the art, support the maturation of promising products, field test mature products, document organization-specific assessment and implementation requirements, and revise specifications to account for new products.

Technology Description

This project will bring together users from Army Aviation and Ground, Navy Air and Ships, Air Force, Marine Corps Ground and Amphibious, Coast Guard, and NASA to establish application needs and target laboratory assessments and field tests to provide sufficient data to make implementation decisions for new non-chromated primers. Validating the equipment and process as well as the coating is key. For example, newer technologies like e-coat and force cured (ultraviolet, infrared, thermal) resins require additional equipment to deposit or cure the coating. Projects of these types are therefore more complicated and generally more expensive than those focused on improved traditional spray paint-based primers. For use across DoD organizations, alternatives need to be characterized as stand-alone products that can be implemented on a variety of different surfaces and topcoated with a variety of different materials and within prescribed coating systems, which are qualified and used in particular combinations.


Expected benefits include increased and more rapid implementation of non-chromate primers on DoD weapon systems by DoD users during maintenance and by original equipment manufacturers and sub-contractors during design and construction of new equipment. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2015)