Originally presented in December 2009, the attached document provides training on the use and implementation of four recently developed decision and management tools for DNAPL source zones—(1) a screening tool for selection of DNAPL source area remedial technologies; (2) a decision tool for optimization of chlorinated solvent source and plume remediation considering uncertainty; (3) a design tool for planning aqueous amendment injection systems; and (4) a tool for using multiple lines of evidence in conjunction with source zone models to assess changes in mass discharge. In addition, an overview of a recent decision guide on DNAPL source zone management is provided. As tools become available, they will be posted on the Tools & Training page.

The material in its entirety is covered in the PDF file. The original training was recorded as a series of Adobe Flash videos, as shown below. Since browsers no longer support Flash, this information is provided solely for reference.

On-Demand Video on Tools for Management of Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Sites

Module 1 (1:00 hour)
Q&A(15:59 min)

Source Zone Protocol for Remedy Selection of Chlorinated Solvents Released at DoD Facilities  Presented by Dr. Thomas Sale and Dr. Charles Newell

Module 2 (41:45 min)
Q&A (12:56 min)

Development of a Protocol and Screening Tool for Selection of DNAPL Source Area Remediation  Presented by Ms. Carmen Lebrón, Dr. Bernard Kueper, and Dr. David Major

Module 3 (57:30 min)
Q&A (2:45 min)

Decision & Management Tools for DNAPL Sites: Optimization of Chlorinated Solvent Source and Plume Remediation Considering Uncertainty Presented by Dr. Ronald Falta and Dr. Newell

Module 4 (28:18 min)

Emulsion Design Tool for Planning Aqueous Amendment Injection Systems  Presented by Dr. Robert Borden

Module 5 (24:13 min)
Q&A (7:44 min)

Permanganate Design Tool for Planning Aqueous Amendment Injection Systems Presented by Dr. Borden 

Module 6 (59:58 min)
Q&A (15:57 min)

Improved Field Evaluation of NAPL Dissolution and Source Longevity Presented by Dr. Michael Kavanaugh, Dr. Mark Widdowson, and Dr. Lloyd "Bo" Stewart