The model facilitates simulating the following:

  • Growth and Yield (survival, trees/ha or trees/acre; dominant height, m or ft; basal area, m2/ha or ft2/acre; total merchantable volume outside and inside bark partitioned into three wood products: sawtimber, chip-and-saw, and pulpwood, m3/ha or ft3/acre).
  • Pinestraw Production (pinestraw production from current year needlefall, Mg/ha or tons/acre).
  • In Situ Biomass C Stocks (aboveground, coarse roots, forest floor, coarse woody debris, standing dead, and understory stocks, Mg C/ha or tons C/acre).
  • Ex Situ C Stocks (dynamics of C sequestered in forest products, Mg C/ha or tons C/acre).
  • Stand C balance (In Situ + Ex Situ – Silviculture Emissions). Emissions from silvicuture include the C costs (Mg C/ha or tons C/acre) of activities such as planting, site preparation, prescribed burning, harvest, and transportation.
  • Effects of prescribed burning on forest floor, coarse woody debris, and understory biomass.

The webinar below provides step by step instructions on input parameters, how to navigate the excel spreadsheets, and model outputs.

  • Forest Management,

  • Fire,

  • Pine,