Advanced Classification On-Demand Video

Innovative classification methods for use in munitions response are now making a transition to the field through demonstrations on live munitions response sites. This on-demand video provides a tutorial on the sensors, methods, and status of the classification at military munitions response sites using geophysical methods.

The on-demand video of a course presented in December 2010 covers advanced processing of data collected with existing commercial instruments and then moves on to results and analysis of advanced electromagnetic induction (EMI) sensors. Access modules below. In addition, the material in its entirety is available in PDF format.

Advances in Classification Methods for Military Munitions Response

Module 1

Introduction (7:36 min)Presented by Dr. Herb Nelson, ESTCP

Module 2

Sensors and General Concepts (41:42 min)Presented by Dr. Stephen Billings, Sky Research, Inc.

Module 3

Classification with EM61 Data(39:43 min)Presented by Dr. Dean Keiswetter, SAIC

Module 4

Advanced EMI Sensors (20:31 min)Presented by Dr. Thomas Bell, SAIC

Module 5

Classification with Advanced Sensor Data (38:11 min)Presented by Dr. Keiswetter

Module 6

Conclusion & Path Forward(6:24 min)Presented by Dr. Nelson