FY 2020 Topic Area 

Weapons Systems and Platforms (WP) Program Area 

The objective of this Topic Area was to demonstrate and validate more environmentally sustainable (PFAS-free) fire suppression alternatives against the performance requirements outlined in MIL-PRF-24385F (SH) with interim amendment 3. Specifically, the goal was to address the following needs:

  • Demonstrate PFAS-free fire suppression agents that can be utilized with the delivery mechanisms and rates specified in the current performance requirements noted above.
  • Demonstrate PFAS-free fire suppression agents that utilize alternative delivery mechanisms or rates, but still meet other critical performance criteria.
  • Evaluate current test methodologies in MIL-PRF-24385F to determine minimum performance requirements needed to mitigate fires in operational environments or development of novel test methodologies for screening firefighting formulations for liquid pool fires.
  • Evaluate the impact that elevated ambient air temperatures have on the fire performance of PFAS-free firefighting agents and reference MILSPEC qualified AFFFs in order to address known concerns on the effectiveness of firefighting agents in equatorial environments.

The projects listed below were selected to address the objectives of this Topic Area. Additional information on individual projects will be available soon.

Demonstrations will help the Department of Defense (DoD) reach its ultimate goal of eliminating PFAS from firefighting formulations as soon as possible.