The slides for each presentation at the Symposium and posters are being cleared for public distribution and posted to the session pages below. Please check back for presentations as they continue to be cleared for posting on the SERDP and ESTCP website. 

Technical Sessions
Tuesday, November 30

Installation Restoration: 30 Years of Research

Threatened and Endangered Species and Invasive Species Research Update

Additive Manufacturing: Enabling DoD Readiness through Emerging Materials and Applications

Energy Storage and Microgrids for Improved Installation Energy Resilience

Ecological Toxicity and Risk of PFAS in the Environment

Applications of Data Analytics to DoD Challenges

Wednesday, December 1 

Quantitative Groundwater Plume Characterization to Support Transition Assessments

Environmental Security

PFAS-Free Alternatives to AFFF

UXO Detection, Classification and Localization I

Solutions for Reducing Installation Carbon Emissions

Understanding PFAS in the Environment: Assessment, Characterization, Sampling

Wildland Fire Research

Sustainable Coatings for Weapons Systems and Installations

UXO Detection, Classification and Localization II

Installation Energy Resilience and the Transition to Electric Vehicles

Thursday, December 3 

Waste to Energy

Innovative Treatment Approaches for PFAS-Impacted Matrices

Installation Infrastructure Resilience

Snapshot into Operational Energy Innovation for the Warfighter

Short Courses

Monday, November 29 - Friday, December 3

Geophysical Approaches to Understand Dual-Domain Mass Transfer and Inform Contaminant Transport Models

Machine Learning Tools and their Applications to Novel Energetics

ZnNi Brush Plating and Brush Anodizing (Repair of Cd and ZnNi)

DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Steps to Obtain Authority to Operate, Cybersecurity Maturity

Emerging Regulatory Trends – Potential Impacts of TSCA and REACH to the DoD Mission

Sustainability Analysis: Capturing Life Cycle Costs and Impacts in Defense Acquisition

Funding Opportunities: How to Partner with SERDP & ESTCP

Guidance and Tips for Preparing Pre-proposals and Proposals


Weapons Systems and Platforms Posters

Corrosion & Repair Technologies: Analysis of Failure Modes

Corrosion & Repair Technologies: Passivation, Primers and Topcoats

Corrosion & Repair Technologies: Structural Repair
Emissions and Waste Reduction
Energetic Materials and Munitions

Environmental Restoration Posters

1,4-Dioxane & 1,2-Dibromoethane
Abiotic Degradation of Groundwater Contaminants
AFFF Cleaning from Firefighting Systems
Contaminated Sediments
Ecotoxicity & Ecological Risk Characterization of PFAS
Ecotoxicity of PFAS-Free AFFF
Impacted Groundwater Assessment
Impacted Groundwater Management
Impacted Groundwater Treatment
Munitions Constituents: Fate, Transport & Treatment
PFAS Analytical Methods
PFAS Biodegradation
PFAS Forensic Methods
PFAS Occurrence, Fate, and Transport
PFAS Sampling Methodologies
PFAS Treatment Technologies
PFAS-Impacted Investigation Derived Waste Treatment
Stormwater Characterization & Soil Availability
Thermal Destruction Technologies for PFAS Impacted Matrices
Treatment of Wastewater Containing Munitions Consituents
Vapor Intrusion
Wastewater Treatment

Installation Energy & Water Posters

Control Systems Cybersecurity
Data Management/Analytics
Distributed Generation
Electrical Infrastructure Planning
Energy Management and Control
Energy Storage
Water Supply

Munitions Response Posters

Acoustic UXO DCL Systems/UXO Response Analysis
Demonstration Sites
Munition Mobility and Burial/Penetration Burial
Non-Acoustic UXO DCL Systems
Underwater Maneuver/Manipulation Systems/UXO Disposal Methods

Resource Conservation & Resiliency Posters

Built Infrastructure Resilience
Natural Infrastructure Resilience
Threatened and Endangered Species and Invasive Species (TES-I)
Threatened and Endangered Species and Invasive Species (TES-I): eDNA
Threatened and Endangered Species and Invasive Species (TES-I): Pathogen Exposure & Phenological Shifts
Wildland Fire